A quality that makes us unique​

Our team is made up of specialists from many disciplines, which guarantees a comprehensive approach to any challenge entrusted to us. Offering many years of experience, and a passion for new-age technology including high-end quality measuring equipment allows us to perform our work at the highest possible level. We are a Polish company based in Częstochowa which in no way impedes us from undertaking jobs all over Poland and abroad.

We create BIM models (Building Information Modelling) on the basis of scanned objects which then become active 3D models of buildings.

A 3D model does not only represent the original building’s physical attributes but also includes a database that holds specific information e.g. its structural elements (walls, floors), electrical installations, sanitary installations (ventilation, heating, water and sewerage, fire protection) or window and door joinery. The BIM system is a whole new way to design and is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool for engineers, architects, and every other person that is part of the building process.

In our opinion, BIM should be linked with an accurate inventory and modeling of underground installations. For this reason, we also use georadars to discover those sorts of devices and networks.

Only then will scanning in this fashion give us a comprehensive picture of the investment. Our BIM offer for the retail industry includes creating models of buildings for retail. We provide complete as-built documentation of an existing building. In this case, the BIM model not only contains architectural and/or structural data but also MEP, M&E (Mechanical and Electrical), or M&O (Maintenance and Operations). BIM 4/5D technology is about connecting the 3D aspects with planning and scheduling, this revolutionizes any previously used approach to managing retail space. This allows for the effective integration of all the different branches and for managing a building while lowering upkeep costs.